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Spreadsheets & Calculators

I want you to succeed, so I’ve created some downloadable Handy & Practical Excel spreadsheets and calculators to help you out on your road to financial abundance. When you notice the value I offer in these spreadsheets, please consider reaching out to me for financial coaching if you ever have questions.

Loan Payment & Amortization Calculator

This spreadsheet only requires 3 pieces of information: Loan Amount, Loan Term, and Interest Rate.  When entered, this sheet will calculate the normal monthly loan payment (principal + interest) and provide a payment by payment schedule of principal vs. interest to be paid.

Budget & Ledger Spreadsheet

Includes 2 tabs to track checking and savings account transactions.  The checking account transactions are aggregated into an actual spending report and compared to what you enter as your expected spending.  This is essential to achieving financial abundance and foundational to what I teach.

Debt Payoff "Snowball" Calculator

Making a plan to pay off your debts is important to getting ahead financially.  Download this debt payoff caclulator to put some order into how you’re going to do it.  This spreadsheet takes your debts, and puts them in order of payoff using the “snowball” method, and even tells you what to pay!

Extra Loan Payment Calculator

This spreadsheet allows you to compare two scenarios on how to apply extra payments to a loan (towards future loan payments or towards the principal balance) using extra loan payments on a frequent basis (such as one time every month or every other month), or one time, or infrequent.

Savings Compound Interest Calculator


Credit Card Payoff Calculator


Emergency Fund Calculator

An emergency fund is a specific number you set aside and do not touch, except for a true emergency, such as a job loss where you have no other income coming into your household. This spreadsheet calculates your Emergency Fund based on the expenses you have on a monthly basis.

Savings & Expenses Goal Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet will provide you with the monthly amount you need to save each month to reach each of your savings goals towards future expenses, no matter how small or large they may be.

Are you ready to create financial abundance in your life?